Did you know customers expect Wi-Fi to be at your business?

Cost of Doing Business

Cisco predicts providing Wi-Fi will be a "cost of doing business."  Just like providing lighting and heating.  Customer facing organizations will expect Wi-Fi to "just be there" 

Expense to Profit Generator 

While customers expect Wi-Fi will be there, doesn't necessarily mean it has to be "Free". Velocity's local Wi-Fi turns guest wifi into an automated profit generator. 

Wifi Quality & Security 

Wi-Fi quality and security is key. Most businesses plan on increasing Wi-Fi Capacity and guests expect security in our world today.

Getting Started is as Simple as 1,2,3.....

1 Plug in Access Point.

Your pre-configured access point is plug and play simple.  Automated messages to your clients include email marketing, text messaging all based upon your exact requirements.

2 Offer FREE Wi-Fi.

We make it easy for your customers to connect to your FREE wifi.  They choose phone, email or Facebook and even Instagram connection, no special codes or passwords to remember.

3 Grow Your Business.

Our robust analytics, integration to all major platforms and easy plug and play configuration will help you become a marketing star.  All while keeping your business front and center!

Our Custom Features

Timed Marketing

Connect your guests with automated marketing messages that bring customers back. We schedule to known success tracks.

Grow Social Media 

Redirect your customers to social media, pages, website or other promotional content for engagement. 

Set it & Forget it 

We will set up Velocity Local Wi-Fi in minutes.  No ongoing up keep and we integrate with your current system.

Have You Seen This Technology?

You walk into a big box store and you automatically get a notification on your phone; welcoming you to the store with a shop today and save coupon.  


When you leave the store you get sent a thanks for visiting message.


We Have That Technology And Can Provide It To You Today!  


Gain An Unfair Advantage With Us!